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Our Services


All visits include bringing in mail and packages (up to 30 pounds), taking your trash bin to and from the curb on pickup day, watering up to 10 plants and rotating lights on and off to give your home a more occupied appearance. As professional Pet Sitters, we offer a full-range of services to make sure your pet is as well taken care of. If there’s something specific your pet needs that isn’t on our list, get in touch and we will be happy to help if possible.

Cat Resting
Image by Bianca Ackermann

Cat Sitting

Starting at $30 per thirty minute visit

Kitties are very much creatures of habit. They have their favorite window to watch the squirrels and birds from, their favorite spot to nap and they have been known to rebel when their litter box is relocated. We will make sure that routine is kept and give lots of scratches and cuddles to those who welcome them. If your kitty is less social we will look for them in their favorite hiding spot just to check to see that they are okay.

Dog Sitting

Starting at $30 per thirty minute visit

Dogs love their routines! As a dog parent we see this every time the time changes and they request their breakfast at 5am! We happily care for all sizes and all breeds, as long as they are friendly. There are no "extra pet" fees for other pets in your home. Our fee is based on the time needed to care for your pets.

Mid-Day Walks

Starting at $30 per thirty minute visit

Whether you work long hours or have an older or younger dog that needs a midday break, we are here to care for them and relieve some stress for you. If they walk well on a leash we are happy to take them for a walk or we can let them play in the yard.

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